Frequently Asked Questions

Browse some of the most common questions we get asked about our services. 

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We are based in Humpty Doo, but we can travel anywhere in the Northern Territory.

Supply suitable access, the right permissions to perform the work on the la. If we are sampling, you must provide the sampling container ie: sample bags, core trays. Anything else will be advised upon quote.

It varies -the multipurpose drill is rated to 600 metres RC & the HQ diamond cork is rated to 2000 metres.

Just enough to fit our equipment. We can generally stick to the main access roads.

Your bore will need to be installed by a licensed driller. They will be aware of all Acts, legislation and best drilling practices around drilling bores.

Yes, we are able to give you an estimate, however an onsite inspection is required before you will be given a final quote. However, this can change due to unforeseen drilling conditions.

Yes. There is a great deal of paperwork and regulations involved in getting land access, reporting and geological sample submissions. To find out more, visit the Mineral title forms and guidelines on the NT.GOV.AU website

No, at May Drilling Pty Ltd, we look after all aspects of equipment from drilling rigs through to mobile accommodation for staff who need to stay onsite.

Diamond drilling is a type of core drilling using a rotary drill with a high-speed rotary drill rig. This technique is used for precision holes for the purposes of providing core rock samples.

The type of drilling we undertake is ecologically friendly and minimal damage is caused to the area. All products are environmentally friendly.

Yes, we service both residential and commercial sectors.

You need to contact your regional water resources office for a Permit to Drill. You will need to obtain a permit to drill if you are in a water-controlled district. You can contact your regional water resources office to find out if you are in a water-controlled area or you can go to

Yes, we are. We are also well aware of all the permits and restrictions around the drilling of bores.

It depends on the location, size of hole, how deep we need to drill, and whether we need to provide mobile accommodation and transportation for field staff. Call our team for an estimate.